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Why Craft Beer is Becoming More and More Popular

Time: 2021-05-18 Comment: 63

In recent years, with the rise of the craft beer industry, many bars and restaurants with craft beer as the theme have been opened in many first- and second-tier cities. Many young people have gradually abandoned industrial beer with a low taste and turned to drink.

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Many people’s first experience with craft beer is basically done in restaurants. Beer is not like red wine in some restaurants. Some categories may be slightly more expensive, but for most people, they are still willing, especially in the hot summer,spend some beer in the restaurant. More than ten years ago, domestic imported beer was still dominated by German industrial lager, and in the following years, more and more common craft brews were gradually dominated by Belgian beer. But now, with the development of the entire domestic craft beer industry, the public's contact channels for craft beer have gradually increased. In particular, young people have gradually transitioned from traditional lager-based industrial beer to a small category of craft beer with a rich variety and mellow taste.

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In fact, it is because of the single taste of traditional industrial beer varieties that some beer lovers gradually abandon it. Beer itself is not good or bad, but you must believe that every raw material is worth the goods. Many industrial beer ingredients there may be supplementary materials such as rice, corn, white sugar, hop extract, etc. This is usually the result of a cost compromise, which will more or less affect the taste and mouthfeel of the beer.

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But even if the raw materials are also barley, wheat, hops, and yeast, there will be differences in taste, plus the slightly different brewing recipes and operation methods, which have a huge impact on the quality of the later stage. Just like Germany introduced the pure brewing method in 1516, the quality of most German beer is also different.

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Going back to the problem itself, the current domestic people’s awareness and acceptance of craft beer is getting higher and higher. There are many reasons for this, whether it is the gradual improvement of the taste of beer lovers or the development of the craft beer industry in recent years, they all played a big role in promoting. Craft beer has become a marketing concept, and even the American Brewers Association is constantly revising the definition of Craft Beer. The reason behind this is also very simple: In addition to feelings and dreams, there are money and profits!

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In fact, many industrial beers are slowly upgrading their product categories, and some of them have developed their own unique styles. Like the August of Tsingtao Brewery, Snow’s Facebook series, etc., whether it is a niche craft beer or a batch of industrial beer, each highlights the characteristics and advantages of their products in their products to meet the needs of the corresponding customer groups. , To jointly promote the development of China’s beer industry and make its own efforts.

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