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What’s the function of hop gun /hop back?

Time: 2021-12-06 Comment: 21

What’s the function of hop gun /hop back? To answer this question, you must know the hop function for the craft beer.

Hops have the following functions in beer brewing:

1. Make beer with refreshing aroma, bitterness and antiseptic power. The aroma of hops and the fragrance of malt give the beer a subtle flavor. Beer, coffee and tea all win with fragrance and bitterness, which is also the charm of these beverages. Because hops have natural antiseptic power, there is no need to add toxic preservatives to beer.

2. Form excellent beer foam. Beer foam is a complex of clomazone in hops and foaming protein from malt. Excellent hops and malt can produce white, delicate, rich and long-lasting beer foam.

3. Conducive to the clarification of wort. In the process of wort boiling, due to the addition of hops, the protein in the wort can be complexed and precipitated, thereby clarifying the wort and brewing pure beer.

4. So you will be easy understand the function of hop gun or hop back.

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Hop gun/Hop backs give your beer fresh hop nose and flavor without significantly affecting bitterness. They are a great way to improve the flavor and character of your brews.

Hop gun /hop back helps mixing beer and hops evenly, so that the precious volatile essential oil of hops can be continuously and efficiently dissolved in beer; - All beer in the serving tank will contact with hops in hop gun, so that hops essential oil can be dissolved more evenly, and the flavor of beer will be more stable.

● improving the utilization rate of hops to increase the stability of beer aroma, save time; - keeping the beer clear;

● reducing the loss of carbon dioxide

Deyang Enpu can customize the volume of Hop Gun according to the needs of different customers. There are many specifications of filter element for customers to choose and replace.

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