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How to classify craft beer equipment?

Time: 2021-06-30 Comment: 33

      As one of the oldest beverages in the world, beer has a history of 4000-5000 years. It uses water and malt as the main raw materials, adds hops, and is fermented by yeast. In recent years, craft beer has taken the world by storm and is known as "liquid bread".

     According to different raw materials and brewing techniques, craft beer varieties can be brewed with various flavors and aromas of yellow beer, white beer, red beer, dark beer, brown beer, barley beer, wheat beer, bitter beer, fruit beer, holiday beer, Health beer and so on. It is an ideal choice for consumer to directly enjoy dining and entertainment venues such as hotels, barbecue shops, restaurants, bars, and resorts.

100L 4 Vessels Brewhouse System for Home Brewing Pilot Brewing Equipmemt

     Craft beer equipment can be divided into home/Pilot brewing equipment, Pub beer equipment, Microbrewery equipment, and Commercial brewery equipment according to different places of use.

     The whole set of beer equipment is composed of crushing system, Brewhouse system, fermentation system, Cooling system, control system, CIP cleaning system, water treatment system, etc.

150L- 3 Vessles Brewhouse Syetem for Home Beer Brewing Equipment

● Home /Pilot brewing equipment

Equipment tank size: 50-200L

      Home/Pilot brewing equipment is suitable for home brewing enthusiasts, as well as recipe testing, experimental teaching, etc. Our design concept comes from professional beer brewing equipment, but it also gives home /pilot brewing equipment unique flexibility and economy.

1000L Craft beer brewing fermenters for Pub brewing Equipment

● Bar/Pub beer equipment

Equipment tank size: 200-1000L

     Bar/Pub beer equipment is used to produce fresh beer and unfiltered beer. This beer equipment is usually placed in places where consumers drink directly, such as restaurants, pubs, hotels, and shopping malls. The appearance of the equipment is made of stainless steel, brass or copper. The whole set of beer equipment can be placed behind the transparent glass partition for visitors to observe the entire brewing process. The brewing output of beer equipment in restaurants, bars, and hotels ranges from 200 liters to 1,000 liters. Chain stores may be higher.

12HL 3 Vessels Steam Heated Brewhouse System

● Microbrewery equipment

Equipment tank size: 500-3000L

     Microbreweries generally emphasize the flavor and brewing technology of beer. Our microbrewery equipment has an output of 500 liters to 3000 liters per batch. At the same time, we provide various services, such as the entire installation service of a complete set of small beer equipment, brewing recipes and techniques of well-known wines, personnel training, etc., and can provide turnkey projects; in addition, if necessary, the brewing system is also available. Production can be upgraded.

2000L Glycol Jacketed Fermentation tanks for Commercial Brewery Equipment

● Commercial brewery equipment

Equipment tank size: 3000 liters or more

     A commercial brewery focuses on the regional market. The production requirements are not so high compared to large breweries. Most of its sales are bottled or tinned. We provide different types of brewing systems for medium-scale breweries. The output is mostly 15 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons and 50 tons per day. The design and installation of these breweries conform to the standards and specifications of modern breweries. Our equipment can systematically perform mashing, fermentation, filtration, filling and other related processes. Each brewing system of beer equipment must go through strict inspection procedures before entering the market.


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