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Do you like this customized design of 2 vessels brewhouse system

Time: 2021-11-25 Comment: 8

This 2-vessel brewing system with a mash/lauter & kettle/whirlpool combination vessel. When we help our customers with the design of the brewery, we focus on three main factors - Configuration and control, and heating method. The Deyang Enpu Technology Co., Ltd. team fielded many questions about the best way to expand a small brewery into a bigger enterprise.

This works in two ways:

1.Expanding the floor space and brewing capacity of an already established brewery
2. Finding new premises to install bigger equipment
2-Vessel Craft Beer brewing brewhosue system -Front
We don't believe in the same "standard" design for each brewing system, because to the Deyang Enpu team, each of our customers is unique. For each project, we will design a plan according to the country and location of the brewery, the size of the space, the brew master’s usage habits and the type of beer, and the most important thing is to consider the needs of customers. So they all got their unique and customized brewery.
 2-Vessel Craft Beer brewing brewhosue system -Sice
So contact our team if you want to make the planning for your brewery design.

Vincent Huang