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Do you know the Pros and Cons of a Direct Fire Heating brewhouse System?

Time: 2022-02-16 Comment: 22

Direct Fire / Gas heating: One of the ideal heating ways for 5-10BBL microbreweries:


1. The preferred caramelization that can occur with gas-fired systems
2. Avoid the high investment of steam generator also solve the difficulty of the power supply requirement on site of the electric heating brewing equipment.



1. Probably be a most expensive option in future due to the lowest energy transformation, approx. 20-50%
2. A few Firefighting infrastructure required, probably need the authority approval from the government
3. In some area <especially in USA> there’s strict requirement of the emissions. So need to double-check with the burner supplier and make sure it meets for the relative standards.

2-Vessel  Combination Brewhouse System

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