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15BBL Craft Beer Equipment To American Custoner Ready for Shipping

Time: 2021-01-08 Comment: 41

Even it is the time of winter, our American customer have started the craft beer preparation for the New Year. As you see, 15BBL craft beer equipment to this customer has been getting ready just for shipping.

15BBL Craft Beer Brewing Equipment-1

15BBL Craft Beer Brewing Equipment-2

15BBL Craft Beer Brewing Equipment-3

15BBL Craft Beer Equipment

The Brewhouse system with mash/lauter tun, kettle whirlpool tun and the hot liquor tank. 10pcs fermentation tanks and 2 pcs bright beer tanks, CIP system.
Wish the customer get the equipment earlier and drink their first cup craft beer of 2021 earlier.

Life is good, always!


Vincent Huang