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100 Tons Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment for Customer in Installation and Commissioning

Time: 2021-01-11 Comment: 44

In the end of 2020, Deyang Enpu Technology have nearly finished the installation and commissioning of 100 tons commercial beer brewing equipment for one of our big customer’s new brewery factory.

100 Tons Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment
Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment-2

Beer Brewhouse System
Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment-1
Yeast Expansion Tanks

The project including 4 vessels brewhouse system, CIP system, PLC control system, hot/cold water system, 4pcs bright beer tanks and 10pcs fermentation tanks.
Life is good, always! With craft beer, people in the world will forget all the bad things happened in the past 2020, and welcome the best 2021 coming.


Vincent Huang