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Two Vessels Brewhouse System

An efficient and consistent brewhouse is the heart of any brewery. Our two vessels brewhouse system basicly contains  mash / lauter tun, kettle/ whirlpool tun ,plate heat exchanger,pump and hot liquor tank used in the creation of hopped wort for fermentation. Depending on the production needs, physical size and scale of the operation, brewhouses are fully customizable for each customer.

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CombinationMash/Lauter Tun + Boiling Kettle/Whirlpool Tun
Mash/Lauter Tun/Hot Liquor Tank Combination vessel + Boiling Kettle/Whirlpool Tun
Mash/Lauter Tun, Boiling/Whirlpool Tun or Customized
MaterialInterior: Stainless steel 304, thickness 3.0mm
Exterior: Stainless steel 304, thickness 2.0mm
Heating TypeSteam Heating
Direct Fire Heating
Electric Heating
Available Capacity50L-30T , 1BBL-100BBL or Customized
Control modeSemi-automatic/ Full Automatic


● Manual, Semi-Automatic, or Fully Automated

Fully insulated mash tun and brew kettle mounted on a modular, radius edge, stainless steel under-frame, designed for easy and efficient installation in almost any structure.

Siemens  PLC Control system

Continuously welded, heavy-duty type 304 stainless-steel construction

Slip resistant stainless-steel stairs and platforms

Manual or automatic stainless-steel rakes and plow systems

A Mash out manway and true Vee-Wire False Bottom for rapid and efficient cleanup.

Lauter machine arm utilize a pneumatically operated spent grain plow

Integrated and Internal CIP

High-gravity brewing capabilities

Tangential inlet velocity inductor enabling optimum wort handling

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