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Four Vessels Brewhouse System

An efficient and consistent brewhouse is the heart of any brewery. Customized beer equipment is totally made according to your individual demand, actual workhouse and budget.Our four vessels brewhouse system basicly contains an individual Mash Tun, individual Lauter Tun , separate Brew Kettle and  separate Whirlpool Tun. ,plate heat exchanger,pump and hot liquor tank used in the creation of hopped wort for fermentation. Depending on the production needs, physical size and scale of the operation, brewhouses are fully customizable for each customer.The incredible advantage of the four vessels brewhouse system comes in the ability to perform multiples steps at the same time.

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CombinationMash   Kettle+Lauter Tun + Boiling Kettle + Whirlpool Vessel
Mash kettle Mixer(frequency   control), bottom and shell with jacket
Lauter TunWith bottome   spend grain out door and racking device (frequency control)
Boiling KettleBottom and side   with jacket
Whirlpool VesselWith special   customized tangent whirlpool port
MaterialInterior:   Stainless steel 304, thickness 3.0mm
Exterior: Stainless steel 304, thickness 2.0mm
Heating TypeSteam   Heating 
Direct Fire Heating
Electric Heating
Available Capacity50L-30T ,   1BBL-100BBL or Customized
Control modeSemi-automatic/   Full Automatic


● Every Weld Blended and Finished to a Smooth Sanitary Finish

● 304 stainless steel brewing platform & integrated stairs or ladder with adjustable foot pads for platform leveling

● 304 stainless steel hard piping and brewhouse manifold with butterfly valves, Sight glass and all required clamps and gaskets to hook tanks together

● 304 stainless steel steam condensation stacks. Sanitary centrifugal pump for mash, wort or hot water transfer

● Fixed speed or various speed agitator and rake for efficient lautering and spend grain removing

● High Efficiency multi-pass plate type heat exchanger with thermometer and oxygenate aeration stone port (stone not included)

● Control panel in stainless steel with digital control and readout to programmable optimized water temperature

● V-Wire False Floor Included in Mash tun and Lauter tun – virtually guarantees consistent wort flow

● Standard Thermometers and Thermawell Adapters

● VFD controlling for pumps and motors. Touch screen panel and PLC program

● Semi automatic or automatic control with electronic or pneumatic butterfly valves

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